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Come & meet our Cheeky Butlers

So, why not get a butler or two to get your mood going right before a big night out, or to pamper you hungover by the pool AFTER a big night out out?

Or how about surprising the birthday girl on her special day by having a Cheeky Butler walk in with some champagne and roses? Her blushing face will be worth it all! 

Even a divorce party is a great time to celebrate and get your favorite cocktail brought to you by one of our manhunks. You'll be losing your wits and dancing up on the table in no time! 

You don't even need an excuse to experience all the fun that our cheeky butlers have to offer. See some of the games that we do with our groups!


Our butlers can't wait to play with you!

Our poolside butlers are always a popular choice during the summer. Imagine lying out by the water, having your drinks served, sunscreen lotion applied, with your butler fetching treats for you from the kitchen. 

Our boat butlers are also a popular option, because nothing says sexy like a big boat with a nice beautiful addition to keep things entertaining. Not only will they make your time on the water the most entertaining time of your life, they'll chat you all up and maybe even take a dip with you.

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What are you waiting for? Let's book your Cheeky Butler!

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