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A perfection addition to your corporate event or private function

Hotel room & Airbnb party butlers are popular option when visiting a new city! 

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The Cheeky Butlers have also become a sensation at hotels and airbnbs. For those helping to organize big corporate events, we have become a breath of fresh air, as a confirmed laughs and untamed curiosity from all of their guests. We get it however, that parties don't always give off the vibes that are needed by the hosts. Sometimes it's just plain boring. Some people try social party enticers like a magician or stand-up comedians. Others try The Cheeky Butlers. 

Hotel and airbnb parties are becoming even more popular. You can order a butler to your hotel room dressed in slacks and a bowtie. Your corporate Cheeky Butlers provide the same laughs and entertainment that they would in any setting, and will give your guests talking about your party for years to come. Just because we wear pants and slick shoes doesn't mean they don't know how to have a good time. 

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A private function or rooftop party is the perfect place to put your party butler. Have him mingle with the guests, pass out refreshments, and refills, and talk to all the shy ones in the corner, as well as participating in other ice-breakers 

Visting Miami with your girlfriends and want a way to open the night up with a twist? Book a good-looking hotel butler to come to your room and give your party an unforgettable experience and a great way to start your epic night in the Brickell downtown or drinks on South Beach.

Throwing something a little more bespoke and private? Maybe it's just you and a handful of friends and you're looking for a bit of entertainment? Why not get a butler and maybe even make a friend?

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