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Why use The Cheeky Butlers?®

two muscular and sexy butlers with bride in the middle
one butler at a pool party surrounded by women
a butler serving drinks poolside for a divorce party
butler on a yacht DJing for a bachelorette group
one cheeky butler holding a bride to be with a group of girls
a sexy party butler holding a bride in his arms

The Cheeky Butlers® was born from the idea of being a form of naughty entertainment that was suitable for all types of audiences. Because it is customary to have some form of male entertainment at a bachelorette or birthday, we created this company from the one idea of wanting to provide a more entertaining and engaging experience than the typical male stripper order.

The Cheeky Butlers® business model was built with the one and only goal of being the best premium entertainment for parties across the country. We want to make sure that our brand is built on a legacy of exceptional service and commitment to satisfactory delivery for our clients. When you choose us, you're not just hiring party butlers, but a charming gentleman looking to make you laugh and enjoy yourself.

Our service is very professional. We make sure that our party butlers put our clients' needs first and foremost, ensuring a satisfactory experience. Even when the parties get a bit wet and wild, we prioritize our professional approach to safe fun.

Our butlers have years of experience in similar environments to this. Alot of them love to show off their charming personalities and chisled bodies outside of their careers within fitness, hospitality, finance, and even other forms of male entertainment. 

We make sure they have engaging personalities, because let's face it. Who likes a dull personality despite a pretty face. We want to make sure our butlers are who dreams are made of, and that's the impression left on you weeks after your party with us is done. We strive to give a safe and enjoyable experience from the start to finish. 

What should you expect from our butlers?

Our party butlers come to every party, ready to turn it up. They will firstly discuss with the point of contact the way they'd prefer the party to be run, level of spice, and any boundaries. Once everything is brought to the table, they surprise your group and get the party started. Once the shots are pouring, they introduce games, and can even bartend and cook for you and your group. 

What type of mood are you in and what type of butler would you like to entertain you?


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