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1. What will my sexy Butler do?

Whatever you’d like. Our Butlers are not strippers, but that also doesn’t mean that they can’t dance and shake it up either. Each have their own tricks up their sleeves and are talented in different ways, but they do the important things well! Outside of making your drinks and chatting you up, they can help to participate in games and anything else you have planned. We recommend having a conversation with your Butler (s) before the party starts just so that both parties can be aware of boundaries, preferences, and anything else you may want to surprise certain party members with.


2. Do we get to pick our Butlers?

We do a lot of events each week and we don’t always have certain butlers available at a time you may request a preference or type. We make sure however, that all of our Butlers are fun, attractive, entertaining, and can deliver a great experience no matter what ur personal physical type might be. You may consult us at to see current photos or let us know your preferences and we will do our best to accommodate.


3. Can my butler work extra time?

If you want to extend, extend! You can talk to your Butler about what that extra $$$ will be. Of course, keep in mind that he may have nonflexible plans or another party, so maybe book an extra hour in advance to ensure you get the most out of our services. 


4. How do we book a Butler?

Contact and let us know the date, address, and size of party. We will draw you up a quote and send you an invoice. On the day of, your butler will contact you to confirm time and location.


5. What if we need to cancel our Butler? Can we get a refund?

We can provide refunds for cancellations up to 7 days in advance. Any changes to your booking (address, contact information, party details etc) must be provided to us as soon as possible so that we make sure the Butlers are informed and there are no miscommunications. We don't charge extra for adjusting booking times if things change on your end, but we do request that you do at least 7 days in advance.


6. What do the Butlers wear?

Our butlers wear our signatory bowtie, cuffs, and apron with the back open to reveal a cheeky surprise! Of course, pants or underwear are also options, depending on your party’s vibe. You may request for our Butlers to wear something different if your party is of a more modest fashion or a themed event. 


7. How many Butlers should I book?

The more the merrier, but that really depends on your party size. If the group is under 10, 1 butler should do, unless you’re all greedy for attention. Go with what your budget but make sure if you’re a bigger group that it makes more sense to have two there. Any more than that, contact us for a special request ;)


8. Can I book a Butler on the day?

Well, it has been done before…but definitely not recommended. Your best chances are to book at least from 3 days out, or else we won’t be able to guarantee you a Butler. We have pulled off the impossible every now and again, but let’s not risk it!

9. How much does a Butler cost?

Please refer to our pricing page to see various packages

10. What kind of things can I ask my Butlers to do?

We all have boundaries, and it's important to know. They usually are more than happy to accommodate any requests that you may have, but within reason. Our butlers are experienced with sexy requests, hence why we call them cheeky. Don't be shy.

11. How do I get in touch with my Butler? 

We contact you and the client about a week prior to your designated party date. We will share the butlers' contact information with you so that you can have some time to get to know him and adequately plan for your event together. We also encourage that you get in touch with your bultler on the morning of the day you have booked him for to confirm last minute plans, address, and time. 

12. Do I tip my Butler?

If you feel he did a great job, that would probably be very much appreciated. We ask you to take into consideration Butlers who drive a greater distance to help host your party as well as those who work hard and put on a good show. We do understand the performance aspect to this, so we leave it to our customers' judgement on how much that will be.

13. Are we allowed to touch our Butlers?

Respectfully.and with consent.

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