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Welcome to Nashville

Nashville is the perfect bachelorette party destination spot, and we help to make that an unforgettable weekend! Nashville is the city that has it all, not only is it a central location for your girlfriends to explore the hottest spots, but it's totally the Vegas of the South, which is why a lot of us like to refer to it as Nashvegas.



From live music bars on Broadway to classy rooftop restaurants and beautiful vinyards, Music City has something to offer anyone out for a getaway and a taste of that world-famous southern hospitality


So, are you planning to come to Nashville and you don't know where to start? That's okay, we have some friends down here who are amazing at providing an exceptional party experience. 

Outside of places to eat and sleep, meet some of the cool friends we have in Nashville who can be an addition to your party planning. Never hurts to book a butler or two in the meantime to either turn it up or wind things down for your amazing trip. 

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