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Welcome to Miami

Miami is a the perfect party hub and one of the most exciting cities on the east coast to take enjoy a party getaway. Ironically, this is a popular destination for divorce and bachelorette parties alike. 

The Cheeky Butlers partners with lots of local vendors who specialize in party experiences and will do alot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to the planning of your birthday bash or bad bach! 

The Cheeky Butlers is also partnered with many local promoters at some historic clubs ad exclusive lounges such as LIV, The GALA, and E11EVEN. We assist party groups by getting them into VIP tables, free bottle service, and limo access! 


Miami Beach and the Downtown areas have some of the best restaurant experiences that you can find in Florida. Being a renowned party town, it's quite common to see large bachelorette groups and birthday parties from women out of town and at popular spots like Sexy Fish, Kiki On The River, and El Tucan


Alternatively, if you are looking to get down with something a little more crazy, we recommend The SLS Pool Party or Club DAER in Hollywood, FL.

We have the best partners in Southern Florida, and assist in recommending 100s of party groups to elevate their experience with our partners in crime. 


Our Partners

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