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Come meet our Cheeky Butlers

Our party butlers come chisled, charming, and cheeky


It doesn't matter what type of occasion it is, or what type of party you are throwing. Our cheeky party butlers are a surprising perfect fit for all types of events and groups. They do the heavy lifting for you and keep your entire group entertained beyond expectation. They are your naughty manservants, mischievous servers, and mysterious guests for the evening.


They are not just eye-candy, but support for all of your party hosting needs. From surprising the blushing bride to be at her bachelorette bash, to bartending for your pool party and DJing on the terrace shirtless, we can do it all. They will play games, cook for you, mix cocktails, dance, and excite the willing few with some irresistible body shots. You have complete control over the party boundaries, and our butlers are happy to adjust to your group's comfort levels, ensuring everyone is happy, and more importantly, feeling comfortable. Our butlers are always down to have fun; safe fun.

Our party butlers do it best!

Book your party butler with us in advance. We help you to plan your party, as well as introduce you to our party planning partners, who can help to create your vision without you having to lift a finger. A week before your party date, we will give you your butler's contact information. You may then discuss with your cheeky butler any requests, boundaries, and surprises that you have your party. 

This butler can then be snuck into your house a few minutes prior to the designated start time so he has time to change and plan his entrance. We have plenty of fun surprise entrances that we do, and we are happy to tell you which ones they are. The level of "spice" and "flare" that our butlers bring is dependant on you and your groups' level of comfortability, and we will adjust to that. 

Once the butler has finished, hug, say goodbye, or extend his time. Don't forget to tip.

Look at the different ways our butlers can elevate your party experience. Book a butler and be cheeky with him.

Body shots

Poolside DJ

Exotic dance

What do your butlers wear?

Party Theme'd costume (provided by the client)

Apron, bowtie, cuffs (with or without the cheeks showing)


Black dress pants, shoes, bow-tie, & cuffs

Cabana Boy outfit / swimshorts

Speedo/banana hammock

Our butlers have a wide range of skills, and they bring it!  Outside of the perfect buns and guns, they are:

Massage specialists 
Bartenders & cocktail chemists
Game hosts
Sunscreen appliers
Professional photographers
Champagne handlers
Lapdance providers
Body shot promoters 
Tequila shot instigators
Strip poker enthuasiasts
Grill masters
Hype man
DJ / Spotify DJ

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