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Welcome to Austin


We've landed in Austin, which is a wonderful city that has gained a notorious reputation as a top destination for bachelorette parties. Its vibrant nightlife, live music scene, and wide array of wentertainment options make it perfect for the Cheeky Butlers and the bachelorette parties to meet. 

With over 250 live music venues, including iconic spots like Sixth Street and Rainey Street, bachelorette parties can groove to various genres and enjoy a lively atmosphere. It's also a foodie paradise, as it has a beautiful culinary scene ranging from mouthwatering BBQ joints, all the way to the chicken legs of our very attractive eye-candy. If you haven't booked an Austin butler, they are different in every way, but still perfect for what you need. 

In this beautiful city, whether you’re looking to host an elaborate or casual event, do it in Austin! Naturally, get a butler, as they are the perfect southern waiters tog rill and serve dinner for your girls, complete with a cheeky smile and ONLY an apron.


Our Butlers also know their way around a champagne bottle and are the perfect addition to a wine tasting party, or have them simply mix up and serve your favorite drinks while you relax and enjoy the cheeky view.


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