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Welcome to Savannah


Savannah has such a great climate, so outdoor parties and events are a go-to when planning a party or girls getaway trip. This popular party destination has seen many butlers and many bachelorette parties. Cool down by the pool while our Butlers cook you up tasty delights and top up your cold sangrias.

The Butlers have touched down in Savannah. This popular party destination has seen many butlers and many bachelorette parties. If you're planning a trip here, don't forget to give yourself a tasty treat. Our butlers are local Savannah boys who love a good time and are here to send it!

If it's hot enough, feel free to request them to join in the pool with you. The refills will stop temporarily, but I'm sure you'll be having too much fun to care.

We've added some other good mentions for your party to consider. Book a Butler as you take a look at what these other local legends have to offer.


As a pioneer of the industry, we are one of the first to offer our party butler services in the Savannah area. 

We set the bar as the best party service to elevate every party experience. 


Can't not start by talking about Savannah's very own River Street bars. This strip is the perfect place to celebrate at. With nightclubs, speakeasies, rooftop bars and cocktail lounges, there is something on River Street for every party group! The best part is you can take your drinks to go as you hop from bar to bar!

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