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Welcome to San Diego


San Diego is the perfect party destinatinon, and has been for many years as it offers a perfect blend of sun, sand, and affordable mischief. This laid-back city is known for its beaches, lively nightlife, and great food scene, making it an ideal location for groups of women who are looking to celebrate their last fling before the ring or an escape from one. 

The vibes are on a whole another level, and our Cheeky Butlers tend to accidentally kick it up a notch. These chiseled Adonises are here for you. Let them join you in the pool or on the patio, it doesn't matter, they are your eye candy and they do whatever you say.

Where to Eat in San Diego 

San Diego is a foodie’s heaven since it’s home to some of the best chefs and restaurants, ranging in all different cuisines. San Diego's most popular food is Mexican, but the city is ever-changing and everything from microbreweries to sushi spots are opening up making it even more of a reason for food-lovers to visit.


Some of the best brunch spots to try are Cafe21, MorningGlory, Provisional at PendryKonos Cafe

Best Dinner Spots that you must end your night with are Born and RaisedLionfishSevillaWater GrillHuntressNoBuSTK


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