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Welcome to Tampa Bay

If you're considering a bachelorette or birthday party in Tampa, it is the perfect big city party vibe! Tampa Bay is so especially great to celebrate as there are so many cool restaurants and attractions. 

We are now offering our party and entertainment services in this awesome city and partnered with some of the local vendors who make this city what it is. Whether you are doing your event in Clearwater, St Petersberg, or Tampa Downtown, this area is very popular for their great restaurant and bar scene. 

Ybor City has some of the nicest strip of bars, clubs, and restaurants. You would want to eat at 7th & Grove, Stone Soup Company, Gaspars Grotto, or Santostefanotpa!


Our groups find the most fun on the water or at beachside attractions, as this Florida paradise has beauty that you won't see elsewhere. So whether you book a Cheeky Butler on the beach or on your birthday boat, we have the party planners and vendors who will have your back.


Enjoy your Airbnb being prepped with decorations, food, and drinks whilst your entire party books a nice boat on the water, watching dolphins and swimming in Tampa's clear blue waters.

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Our Partners

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