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Welcome to The Cheeky Butlers™. We are a premium party and event entertainment service, a large network of stud muffins with their shirts off and buns out! Yes, you're welcome. Let's walk you through how this works, and start planning your bachelorette or birthday party.

The Cheeky Butlers is a premium hot male order service that is a perfect cherry on the cake for your party. Whether it's a bachelorette party or a birthday trip to a new city, we got you covered! Our service is a network of handsome and fit entertainers, industry experts, and fun-loving studs who can't wait to put that sexy edge to your party!  

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Our butlers are hand-picked and selected carefully. They have impressive social skills and rugged good looks. We make sure they are entertaining and respectful, as well as naughty but nice! We strive to have very high standards for equal and kind treatment of all our customers, and make sure that we are pleasing to the eye as well. 

We service private parties, hotel venues, corporate events, birthdays, baby showers, bachelorettes, and more. We will provide anyone with our service. We come to your party to make sure everyone is excited to be there, mingle with your guests, DJ for you (Yes, some of us have skills too), and be a source of some naughty fun! We follow your rules, but not always our own. Whether it's playing naughty drinking games, having a dip in the pool, or making and serving cocktails for the whole party, utilize our butlers' skills. 

There's a reason why they call us "cheeky". But you can of course decide how you want our butlers to dress. 

1. The Cheeky Outfit (apron on, bums out)

2. Your modest Look (apron on, bum in, briefs on)

3. Magic Mike (tight black jeans, bowtie, and swag)

4. Bathing suit

5. Customized requests are available, and we encourage you to contact us for special requests. You provide it, we'll wear it! 

The Cheeky Butlers have been rumored to be the next best thing since sliced bread. It's simple, self-explanatory, but a whole lot of fun.

  • For your bachelorette, we'll pamper your bride-to-be

  • For your birthday, we'll spoil the birthday girl

  • For your anniversary, we'll be your variety

  • For your corporate event, we'll embarrass the CEO

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