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    Elevate your Party Experience          with our Cheeky Butlers

Welcome to The Cheeky Butlers


Welcome to The Cheeky Butlers™. We are a premium event entertainment service, and ultimate delightful party experience! We specialize in providng you sexy, buff, charming, and entertaining hunks for your event, girls night out, bachelorette, or bachelor party. We are located in the biggest party cities across the USA, with your local seasoned entertainers, hungry to please, and ready to rock and roll!


Because of the quality of our services, we are building a strong reputation and quickly setting the industry standard. We take party-planning and entertainment to the next level. There's nothing like a little extra naughty and nice addition that can skyrocket your next event to a whole another level. 

Growing across all major cities, we partner with local vendors and other small businesses within the event and party planning space. We build relationships with other companies with services that cater directly to your type of event in order to maximize your experience impact. 

How it works

It doesn't matter what type of party you are throwing, our butlers will do all of the heavy lifting for you and keep your entire group entertained beyond expectation! They are your naughty manservants, mischievous servers, and mysterious guests for the evening, there to satisfy your every wish and whim. They will play games, cook for you, mix cocktails, dance, and pamper the select few with some body shots, if you please. 

A butler arrives a few minutes prior to your desired booking time, and can be snuck into your party to surprise your guests, or in any other way you deem fit. Then it's time to let loose! 


Parties We Cater To





Divorce Parties


Girls Nights Out

House Parties

Pool Parties

One of the best thing about The Cheeky Butlers is we are not limited to any specific type of genre. We can do any type of party, and we will even let you pick your own theme if you want. Our butlers have done costume parties, corporate parties, and many more. We encourage you to use your imagination if you have requests that are outside of the box, because that is where we thrive! If you are planning something special, and want a vendor that can be your partyplanning companion, look no further! We got you. Contact us at for a specialized evaluation and quote. We can do anything. 

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Tampa Bay





Palm Springs



Ft Lauderdale

San Diago

San Diego



Are you planning a party or desperately wanting a Cheeky Butler in a location that isn't listed? No problems, let us know and we can work on your behalf to make your party a success! Simply contact us with your location inquiries, and watch us work our magic! 

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