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    Elevate your Party Experience          with the Cheeky Butlers®

We transform parties into memorable moments

two cheeky butlers at a bachelorette party in fort lauderdale
two cheeky butlers party in scottsdale kissing
two cheeky butlers with women at a bachelorette party

The Cheeky Butlers® is a premium party entertainment & male order service, providing naughty and delightful party experiences all across the US. We specialize in providing you sexy, buff, charming, and entertaining hunks for your party. Whether you are throwing a baby shower, birthday bash, bachelorette party, or girls night out, we are a MUST have addition to be considered for your party when you are in the planning stages.

Who We Are

The Cheeky Butlers® was created in the beginning of 2022 in Miami, Florida, determined to disrupt the typical party scene and boring planning experience.


We know how difficult it is trying to plan a party that everyone is happy with, and more importantly, we understand the challenges that come with trying to add a little spice to a party, but only having the option of a male stripper. We wanted to mitigate that and give our client's something a bit more different, interactive, and special.


Because of our unique offering, we are building a strong reputation and quickly setting the industry standard for unique and cheeky party entertainment in the US. We take party-planning and entertainment to the next level for you with our ridiculous and entertaining butlers. There's nothing like a little extra naughty and nice that we provide that can skyrocket your next event to a whole another level of fun!


Would you book a Cheeky Butler for your bachelorette party?

two cheeky butlers bachelorette planning sexy
pool party hot summer two butlers

How it works

one butler playing games at a girl night out
cheeky yacht butler partying and drinking on boat
cheeky butler DJing on a yacht party for a bachelorette group

Book a butler for a private or bespoke function with friends and work colleagues. Have him work the room with bottomless mimosas, tasty little bites, and champagne refills. Our butlers are masters at mingling with guests and using fun conversation and a great set of abs & biceps to break the ice and get everyone involved.

Having a yacht party and need a little extra help and wild entertainment to keep your party pumping for the whole ride? Our boat butlers come equipped with bartending skills, bathing suits, and can join in on the fun as manservants, lapdancers, and bartenders, making sure you are all treated like the queens you are.

Book a shirtless DJ on your yacht or at your AirBnb party. Some of our more musically inclined butlers like to bring a mix of house, hiphop, latin, and R&B to some of our clients' parties, offering a unique and exciting edge to any party that our DJs perform at. Pick your music genre, and get on the dance floor with our DJ butlers! 

Where we are

bachelorette party planning girl group

When it comes to your destination bachelorette or birthday getaway, our network of party butlers extends across all major cities in the US. So whether you are trying to get on a yacht in Miami, a southern experience in Nashville, or drink yourself silly in Scottsdale, we can elevate your party experience wherever you are. We also have exclusive partnerships with party planning companies that take all of the headache and stress out of a trip by organizing, booking, and prepping everything for you.

Parties We Cater To

a naughty bottom of our party butler at a bachelorette party


two cheeky butlers naked with blushing bride


divorce party girls group cheeky butler party entertainment

Divorce Parties

our cheeky DJ at a private party

Girls Nights Out

House Parties

Pool Parties

companies that The Cheeky Butlers is featured on
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